First Aid Kits


Our First Aid Kits are full of just about everything you would need when you run into a survival first-aid emergency situation.



A Fist Aid Kit must contain the following items according to Manitoba Regulations:


  1. a recent edition of a first aid manual,
  2. a pair of impervious disposable gloves,
  3. a disposable resuscitation mask with a one-way valve,
  4. a disposable cold compress,
  5. 12 safety pins,
  6. splinter foreceps
  7. one pair of 12cm bandage scissors,
  8. 25 antiseptic swabs,
  9. waterless hand cleaner,
  10. waterproof waste bag.


DRESSINGS: each of the following items must be sterile and individually wrapped in order to maintain sterility:

  1. 16 surgical gauze pads (7.5cm squares),
  2. 4 pads (7.5cm x 10cm, non-adhesive),
  3. 32 adhesive dressings (2.5cm wide),
  4. 2 large pressure dressings.


  1. 3 triangular bandages (1m each),
  2. 2 conforming bandages (10cm each),
  3. 2 rolls of 2.5cm adhesive tape,
  4. 1 roll of 7.5cm elastic adhesive bandage,
  5. 2 rolls of 7.5cm tensor bandage.

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16 Unit MB Regulation F.A. Kit (Small), 32 Unit MB Regulation F.A. Kit (Large)


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