About Us

First Aid Training Centre is an independently owned company, which trains thousands of people in Manitoba every year.  We offer state of the art supplies, expert instruction, and EMS experience in our programs.  We currently instruct for the Canadian Red Cross, MB Heart and Stroke, American Heart Association, and Rescue 7 both in Canada and the U.S.

We have over 200 high quality mannequins that we use in our training programs, as well as advanced training kits simulating realistic injuries and bleeds. Our belief is, less watching time, and more hands on practice will benefit the participants. Everyone will receive there own mannequin and supplies to use during the course.  In addition, all of our courses at the Red Cross include coffee, drinks and snacks to make the learning experience as enjoyable as possible. .

Who Are We?

Andrew Debenham

Co-Owner of FATC

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Paula Debenham

Co-Owner of FATC

Paula Debenham
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Derrick Donovan
Current Licensed Paramedic with Manitoba

Stephen Kennedy
31 year Paramedic from England

Something to consider when shopping around…

Our pricing and content of courses will be very similar to others, but the real difference between ours and theirs is equipment, experience and environment.

When comparing companies like St. John's Ambulance, the Canadian Red Cross, Heart & Stroke, etc., it really boils down to who's doing the instruction. These organizations subcontract most of their courses out, and therefore it is the instructors responsibility to have their own mannequins and supplies. Many instructors in Manitoba do CPR on the side from their regular jobs and do not have the proper equipment, knowledge or facilities to run these courses properly.

We use only the best equipment on the market, offer a fun and relaxed environment, and you will be trained by experienced and professional instructors.